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RoboKiden Season is here: Over $500,000 in Prizes

The highly anticipated addition of RoboKiden to Elixir Season Pass is here, offering an opportunity for gamers to play our brand new game and earn rewards.

From July 4th to September 5th, you can join the action and earn $KIDEN from playing RoboKiden and the rest of featured Elixir Games right from Elixir Launcher.

Official Launch and Global Access

With this new season, RoboKiden is officially launching, and it’s completely free to play! This is a huge milestone for us, making the game accessible to all Elixir Games users.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and wish you a ton of fun while playing!

How to Play

Are you ready to jump in the islands? Follow these steps to join the battle and compete for prizes:

1. Download Elixir Launcher
2. Create an account
3. Download RoboKiden to your Library
4. Complete quests and earn rewards

Over $500,000 in Prizes

In this new Season Pass, Elixir Games is distributing $500,000 in prizes!

Complete missions related to RoboKiden and the rest of featured games in the Season Pass section, earn trophies, and climb the leaderboard ranks.

Prize Distribution:

Ladder Prizes – $195,750

The top 5,000 players with the most trophies each week will receive prizes, with the top 10 receiving the following amounts:

1st Place: $1,000
2nd Place: $800
3rd Place: $600
4th Place: $500
5th Place: $450
6th Place: $400
7th Place: $350
8th Place: $250
9th Place: $200
10th Place: $150
The total prize pool is $21,750 each week.

Raffles – $34,800

Throughout the season, there will be two weekly raffles where players can participate using tickets earned by advancing in the season. Plus, there will be a final season on September 5th with $30,000 in prizes.

Referrals – $56,250

Each week, $6,250 will be distributed among the top 25 players with the most Fame Points. Fame Points and tickets are earned when new players activate your referral code and when they level up within the battle pass.

These tickets can be used to enter raffles throughout the season.

Ecosystem Quests – $216,750

After completing the Season Pass, continue completing missions, such as purchasing boxes within the game and upgrading characters, weapons, and bots, to earn points towards an airdrop.

Prize Details and Milestones

All prizes (ladder, giveaway, referrals, and airdrop) will be will be unlocked and awarded to winners upon completion of various project milestones:

– 10% upon reaching 10,000 token holders of $KIDEN
– 10% upon reaching 20,000 token holders of $KIDEN
– 10% upon reaching 50,000 token holders of $KIDEN
– 10% upon reaching a volume of $1M of $KIDEN in the marketplace
– 10% upon reaching a volume of $3M of $KIDEN in the marketplace
– 10% upon reaching a volume of $10M of $KIDEN in the marketplace
– 10% upon reaching 50,000 active players
– 10% upon reaching 200,000 active players
– 10% upon reaching 500,000 active players
– 10% Special event  

The deadline to deliver all prizes, even if some milestones are not reached, is July 31, 2025.

Join us in the Kiden Arena! Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to compete with your friends and win rewards!

Download Elixir Launcher, get RoboKiden, and start your journey to the top of the leaderboard.

Good luck Trooper!

Is it really fun if it doesn’t go 𝗕𝗢𝗢𝗠?

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