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R0.11 Patch Notes: RoboKiden Open Beta is Here!

Version R0.11 – Open Beta
Release Date 4 Jul 2024 14:00 CEST

Game Director Letter

Since the Early Access release of RoboKiden on the Elixir Launcher, the community response has been incredible.

We want to thank everyone for their support and feedback. As we transition to Open Beta, all account and weapon progressions will be reset for a fresh start.

We’ve made adjustments to make early levels easier and introduced several balance changes to ensure fair play.

We’re excited to announce the new group code system, allowing you to easily play with friends. While we work on a full-fledged Friends System, this feature will enhance your gaming experience.

As we move towards Release 1.0, we will unlock more abilities, maps, and events with future updates. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to improve RoboKiden.

See you in RoboKiden, Run, Gun N’ Have Fun!

Key Community Notes

Account Reset: All account progressions will be wiped.
Weapon Reset: All weapon progressions will be wiped.
Skins and Abilities Reset: All unlocked skins and abilities will be wiped.
New Group Code Functionality: Create groups of up to 5 players. Share your session code to join others! Codes reset every session.

Note: With the end of Early Access, not all content will be available immediately for Open Beta.

Base Launch Includes:
– 1x Main Battle Island – Cascade
– 2x Raid Islands – Tide & Shadow
– 5x Weapon Types – Weapon progression up to level 25
– Account progression up to level 150

Build Changelog
Content Updates:

Invite Friends: Added functionality to start a group.
Group Code Join: Added the ability to join a group via a code.
Weapon Level Adjustments: Max weapon level is now 25.
Weapon XP Tweaks: Lowered XP required for the first 5 levels.
Progression Rewards: Updated rewards in the account progression track.
Match Rewards Visualization: Added visualization of rewards in the match progression screen.

Weapon Balances

Range: Increased from 8000 to 9000.
Damage Falloff: Increased to 60% at effective range 90-100%.
Recoil: Slight increase in horizontal recoil.

Range: Increased from 6000 to 7500.
Damage: Lowered from 10 to 8 per bullet.
Recoil: Increased vertical and horizontal recoil; adjusted damage falloff for consistency.

Range: Increased from 2500 to 4500.
Recoil: Increased vertical and horizontal recoil; adjusted damage falloff.
Recoil Factor: Base increased from .15 to .2.
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with final effective range calculation.

Projectile Speed: Increased from 2250 to 2400.
Reload Time: Reduced from 1.5 to 1.3.
Fire Rate: Improved from 0.3/s to 0.28/s.

Giant Mode:
FOV Change: Giant cockpit FOV reduced from 75 to 65.
Laser Beam: Reduced duration from 5s to 4s; cooldown from 5.5s to 4.5s; damage increased from 20 each .5s to 30 each .2s; effective radius from 200 to 220 units.
Frenzy Rockets: Reduced translucency; increased explosion visual effects size by 20%; slight reduction in explosion delay from 0.8 to 0.75.

Trooper Updates

Trooper Morphology:
Shield Capacity: Increased max capacity for Hiro and Zoe from 4 to 5; reduced for Fabio and Sasha from 4 to 3.

Trooper Movement:
Jump Strength: Increased from 775 to 785.
Air Control: Increased from 0.60 to 0.63.
Step Height: Increased from 50 to 55.

Bug Fixes

Giant Mode: Fixed rare knockout issue.
Map: Improved lighting in several maps.
Client: Fixed various crashes related to projectiles, input bindings, Slimificator blobs, and match transitions.
Server: Fixed issues causing unexpected match endings and scenarios with no opponents.

Next RoboKiden Update Preview

 Expected later this summer, the next update will include:

New Content:
Battle Island: Quarry
Raid Islands: Volcano & Robot – Event: Energy Cannon in all Raid Islands and Blitz Mode
Weapon Progression: Cap increased to level 30, unlocking new abilities

– Balance updates and bug fixes
– More surprises!

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the Open Beta!

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