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What is $KIDEN?

The upcoming native token of the RoboKiden ecosystem, set to become the backbone of your gaming experience. This utility token is designed to enhance your gameplay, offering strategic depth and opportunities for progression and customization.

How to Earn

Players can earn $KIDEN tokens through gameplay, completing quests, participating in events, competitions and tournaments.


$KIDEN functions as the primary utility token of the RoboKiden, acting as a hard currency that empowers players to access in-game features and enhancements.

Gamers can use $KIDEN to purchase lootboxes containing NFTs of varying rarity and categories. Deploy these NFTs in battles to earn rewards in the form of $KIDEN, and acquire more NFTs directly from the marketplace to expand your collection and strengthen your arsenal.

With its dual role in acquiring powerful assets and participating in the game’s economy, $KIDEN is an essential component of the RoboKiden experience.

NFT Utility

RoboKiden’s NFTs offer different utilities by generating $KIDEN currency through gameplay.

Equip up to nine different NFTs per match, including Troopers, three distinct bots, celebratory actions, and more.

Combine these NFTs to create higher rarity NFTs, providing enhanced rewards. Unique Shiny variants, making up only 1% of all NFTs, have double the capacity for generating $KIDEN, offering rare and lucrative opportunities.

NFT Mint

NFTs are created in Lootboxes, which can contain any type of item and class. Future lootboxes may vary probabilities, such as season-specific or item-type specific lootboxes.

NFT Craft

Combine three NFTs of the same type and rarity to evolve them into a higher rarity NFT by paying an amount of $KIDEN.

The $KIDEN from the merged NFTs is added to the crafted item.


Re-craft by spending the same amount of $KIDEN used initially to generate a new random NFT of the same type and rarity.

Shiny NFTs

Shiny NFTs, rare at a 1% chance, have 100% more $KIDEN capacity. Using Shiny NFTs in crafting increases the chance of the resulting NFT being Shiny by 25% per Shiny NFT used.


Once an NFT reaches maximum rarity and load, it can be burned to return 5% of its charge to the user, with no additional cost.

Troopers, get ready to load your weapons, team up, and experience gaming like never before. The future of gaming is here with $KIDEN , and it’s about to go BOOM!

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